CIA Wants Russians to Share Secret Info with the Agency via its Darknet Site

CIA’s darknet website will be accessible to Russians through the Tor internet browser.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States has issued instructions for Russians unhappy with their president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and trying to get in touch with the agency.

The CIA has published a comprehensive guide in English and Russian languages on how Russian citizens can share secrets with the agency. The guidelines appeared on the agency’s Instagram page on Monday. 

“Our global mission demands that individuals can contact us securely from anywhere.”

CIA About CIA’s Darknet Site

The step-by-step guide explains how “concerned Russians” can access the CIA’s darknet site, which is exactly like its regular homepage but can be accessed only via the encryption-based Tor anonymity browser.

It is worth noting that the CIA’s darknet site was launched in 2019 and is accessible through The Onion Router, aka Tor browser. The browser routes internet traffic across multiple third parties to hide the user’s location and identity.

Once downloaded, the browser requires users to enter a long string of characters followed by .onion to strip away any tracking of users’ digital activities, such as through cookies.

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