CISA Reports Top Vulnerabilities From Remote Work

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Protect Your Organization with IPS

As organizations shift to the cloud, and work from home becomes more mainstream due to the pandemic, businesses will need to improve their ability to defend their systems from exploited vulnerabilities. In addition, hybrid cloud environments will continue to be the norm, so a cybersecurity platform approach that can manage both on-premises and cloud-based workloads can help. To prevent organizations from being attacked in the new remote work era, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) plays a significant role. IPS solutions can intercept traffic that is trying to exploit existing, unknown, or undisclosed vulnerabilities when patches are not ready to be installed. It identifies malicious software that is accessing the network, and increases visibility into, or control over, applications that are accessing the network.

The value an IPS brings is apparent. IPS solutions can buy organizations additional time to wait for the release of vendor patches or to get the patching work tested and applied. It reduces or eliminates time and money spent performing emergency patching. Also, it allows organizations to maintain a normal patching cycle.

Vulnerabilities and exploits sometimes used to mean the same thing but they are in reality very different. A vulnerability is a

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