Cisco stands on guard with our customers in Ukraine

As the Russia-led invasion intensifies, Ukraine is being attacked by bombs and bytes. Cisco is working around the clock on a global, company-wide effort to protect our customers there and ensure that nothing goes dark. Cisco Talos has taken the extraordinary step of directly operating security products 24/7 for critical customers in Ukraine while over 500 employees at Cisco have joined them to assist in collecting open-source (public) intelligence. In critical Ukrainian networks, we are taking advantage of advanced product features to create Ukraine-specific protections based on intelligence we have received. We are closely monitoring telemetry and aggressively convicting threats to protect both our Ukrainian and global customers. Customers with a mature security model should design their intelligence programs to drive changes in the organization’s defensive posture based on their findings. We have been successful in our work in Ukraine up to this point and will continue to support our partners there until the crisis ends. Introduction
You may not have noticed, but Cisco has been a different place in the past month. The unjust invasion of Ukraine, and the sense of helplessness

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