Cloud computing security: Five things you are probably doing wrong

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The popularity of cloud applications and software has risen significantly in recent years. But while using cloud services can be beneficial for businesses and employees, it also carries new cybersecurity risks.

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The ability to log in from anywhere using cloud applications is convenient for employees, but it’s also a potential new opportunity for cyber criminals, who, with a set of stolen passwords, could gain access to sensitive information. There’s even the prospect of hackers abusing cloud services to launch ransomware attacks and other malware campaigns. 

But there are steps that can be taken — and mistakes that must be avoided — to ensure your organisation’s cloud security strategy both delivers a productivity boost and keeps users and the network safe from cyberattacks and incidents.

1. Don’t leave cloud accounts exposed and without security controls

Cloud applications and services allow users to access files and data from anywhere — something that makes them a prime target for cyber criminals. Remembering passwords can be difficult, which is why many users use simple, common or re-used passwords.

While this approach reduces the chances of users being locked out of their accounts, it creates an open goal for hackers

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