Cloud computing security: Where it is, where it's going


Many firms are realising that while shifting applications and infrastructure over to cloud computing services can make life easier in some ways, it doesn’t mean they can give up all responsibility for keeping their data secure.

Special Feature

Cloud security is the fastest growing segment of the security market, with spending jumping from $595 million in the US in 2020 to $841 million last year, largely because companies are discovering that it’s a more complicated topic than they realised.

Most businesses use multiple cloud services and cloud providers, a hybrid approach that can support granular security options where vital data is kept close (perhaps in a private cloud) while less sensitive applications run in a public cloud to take advantage of big tech’s economies of scale. But the hybrid model also introduces new complications, as every provider will have a slightly different set of security models that cloud customers will need to understand and manage.

That takes time and (often elusive) expertise. But misconfigured services are high on the list of the causes for security incidents, along with even more basic failures like poor passwords and identity controls. Little surprise that companies are evaluating tools to automate

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