Cloud security is too important to leave to cloud providers

As cloud rises to encompass to more corporate applications, data and processes, there’s potential for end-users to outsource their security to providers as well. 

The need to take control of security and not turn ultimate responsibility over to cloud providers is taking hold among many enterprises, an industry survey suggests. The Cloud Security Alliance, which released its survey of 241 industry experts, identified an “Egregious 11” cloud security issues

The survey’s authors point out that many of this year’s most pressing issues put the onus of security on end user companies, versus relying on service providers. “We noticed a drop in ranking of traditional cloud security issues under the responsibility of cloud service providers. Concerns such as denial of service, shared technology vulnerabilities, and CSP data loss and system vulnerabilities — which all featured in the previous ‘Treacherous 12’ —  were now rated so low they have been excluded in this report. These omissions suggest that traditional security issues under the responsibility of the CSP seem to be less of a concern. Instead, we’re seeing more of a need to address security issues that are situated higher up the technology stack that are the result of senior management

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