Cold calling 02 scam artists are offering 40% plan discounts, free phone contracts for your security code

A new 02 scam targeting customers in the United Kingdom is offering ridiculous discounts and phone plans in return for your one-time security codes. 

Having been the recipient of a cold call from a delightful scam artist today, I’ll hand it to them: the lure is strong. 

At a time when the cost of living is rising in the United Kingdom, many of us are worried about the looming energy price cap disaster, and finances are often stretched thin — the prospect of being the lucky customer eligible for a discount of 35% to 40% on your phone plan is an attractive one. 

At least, that’s what the very nice man on the end of the phone tried to sell me. 

The phone call came from Ballygawley in Northern Ireland. The scammer (let’s call him James, since that appears to be one of the personas used, according to reports based on the number), sounded delighted in informing me that I was able to take advantage of a substantial discount on my plan. 

Even before he’d finished his pitch, I received a text message which is legitimate 02 communication — a one-time code that customers can use to access their accounts if

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