CompTIA ISAO Membership Improves MSPs’ Cybersecurity Responsiveness, Reputation

Managed services providers don’t need to become full-fledged managed security services providers, but they should some some cyber skills and be able to talk to customers about the latest threats.

With CompTIA including free CompTIA ISAO access as a new benefit to all MSP members, now’s the time to raise your cyber profile—and to let customers know about it, according to MSP members of the CompTIA ISAO.

“The reason I joined [the CompTIA ISAO] is that cybersecurity is a part and parcel a service that we have to offer. That’s just reality. You can’t be an MSP today and not provide cyber services,” said Ilan Sredni, CEO of Palindrome Consulting, a Hollywood, Fla.-based MSP. “The CompTIA ISAO was a very easy way to digest the amount of information that’s out there in relation to all the cybersecurity threats going on.”

Sredni started Palindrome as a traditional MSP business, adding security services several years ago. The problem was that subscribing to different sources and groups to access information on the latest threats was an expensive and cumbersome process.

“I read a lot and tried to educate myself on everything, but it was difficult. The ISAO really made it very simple to digest all

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