CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022: A Return to Strategy

Nearly 8 in 10 channel firms are feeling good about the business year ahead. Yes, almost 80%. Let’s just sit with that sentiment for a moment, shall we?

There’s still a pandemic. Supply chain issues have not been resolved. And the trials and tribulations of the last two years have taken a toll. Yet here we are, seeing a slow return to optimism revealed in the thoughts, minds, and actions of tech industry practitioners. While still sporting a healthy dose of caution, today’s business owners, sales reps, marketing professionals, technical engineers, and IT workers are seeing light at the end of the tunnel as they enter the new business year. It’s refreshing and relieving to witness.

Looking ahead to 2022, firms that manage to thrive will be hiring again, making investments in skills training, expanding their market reach to new customers and verticals, partnering with competitors, and embracing emerging tech. For many, that means getting out of their comfort zone and resuming strategic decision-making versus tactical dam-plugging. Many say they are ready to do so. After nearly two years of stasis and economic uncertainty, signs now point to investment, increased budgets, and the pursuit of technical and business innovation that

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