Container security implications when using Iron vs VM vs cloud provider infrastructures

With the ever-growing popularity of containers, many service providers are coming forward to offer their services to run and manage container workloads. Most popular cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud have managed Kubernetes services, namely EKS, AKS and GKE.

These managed services are easy to use, and clusters can be set up in a matter of a few clicks. Other infrastructure considerations to the use of containers include bare-metal servers and virtual machines. 

Overview of infrastructures

Underlying hardware infrastructure is one of the critical areas of a container system’s design and implementation strategy. The discussion of choosing the environment for running containers presents the following options:

Iron Virtual machines Cloud providers

Bare-metal systems or virtual machines are one of the options to run containers. Running containers on bare-metal systems and virtual machines will have minimal functional differences, but the cost and performance will significantly vary. Virtual machines provide elasticity of infrastructure. When choosing Iron or virtual machines for running containers, we will also need to decide on an orchestration framework such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. This also means we will need to fully manage the chosen orchestration platform.

Cloud providers are another option

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