Copycat and fad hackers will be the bane of supply chain security in 2022

Replicable attacks and a low barrier to entry will ensure the rate of supply chain attacks increases next year, cybersecurity researchers have warned. 

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The supply chain is a consistent attack vector for threat actors today. By compromising a centralized service, platform, or software, attackers can then either conduct widespread infiltration of the customers and clients of the original — singular — victim or may choose to cherry-pick from the most valuable potential targets. 

This can save cybercriminals time and money, as one successful attack can open the door to potentially thousands of victims at once. 

A ransomware attack levied against Kaseya in 2021 highlighted the disruption a supply chain-based attack can cause. Ransomware was deployed by exploiting a vulnerability in Kaseya’s VSA software, leading to the compromise of multiple managed service providers (MSP) in Kaseya’s customer base. 

However, it was only a small number of businesses that were impacted in this case. One of the

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