Critical infrastructure today: Complex challenges and rising threats

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Cyber attacks against critical national infrastructure are escalating. The ransomware hit on Colonial Pipeline was a clanging wake-up call for the public, but cybersecurity experts have been sounding the alarm for years.

In this interview with Help Net Security, threat expert Joe Slowik, Senior Manager at Gigamon, discusses the challenges involved in securing critical infrastructure, the rise in attacks, as well as the evolution of the threat landscape.

Attacks targeting critical infrastructure continue to rise in frequency and effectiveness. What are the most significant risks that security teams have to deal with?

The most frequently-discussed aspect of critical infrastructure events are availability impacts: stopping or interrupting a process or organization. While these are inconvenient and, depending on the process, concerning, more worrying still are integrity-focused impacts. These items represent fundamental, and potentially subtle, modifications to processes such as observed in the 2017 Triton event or the 2016 Ukraine event

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