Cyber-attack on Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Cyber-attack on Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

A cyber-attack has been carried out against major German logistics provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

The security incident forced Hellmann to take its central data center offline yesterday. Today, operations at the Osnabrück-based company remain disrupted. 

Hellmann said that since the attack was discovered, it has been under the constant observation of its Global Crisis Taskforce, which is analyzing the incident. The company has also hired "external renowned security specialists" to investigate the attack.

"As a precautionary measure, we disconnected our data centers temporarily, which has material impact on our business operations," stated the company on its website.

"We are working with the highest priority on the resolution of the current situation."

Hellmann was founded a century and a half ago and has 489 offices across 174 countries. The company handles approximately 16 million shipments per year, and in 2020, it reported revenues of $2.8bn.

Hellmann did not disclose the exact nature of the attack, which is still under investigation. 

In a statement released Thursday, the company said: "We can currently not rule out that there have been data leakages or unauthorized use of data."

The company advised clients wishing to speak to their Hellmann contacts to use their

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