Cyber-Attacks on House of Commons Soar by 358% in 2021

Cyber-Attacks on House of Commons Soar by 358% in 2021

Over 126 million malicious emails have been fired at House of Commons (HoC) inboxes this year, a 358% increase on the total figure for 2020, according to new figures from Parliament Street.

The think tank obtained Freedom of Information (FoI) data from the UK parliament’s lower house, revealing a significant increase in potential threats over recent years.

The number of emails blocked by HoC filters in 2018 was just 15.7 million in 2018, nearly doubling to hit 30.3 million in 2019, but then dropping again to almost 28 million in 2020.

With 126.4 million malicious emails recorded up to September this year, Parliament Street reckons the total for 2021 could reach as high as 150 million.

However, there are no data on how many if any threats slipped past filters during this time.

Chris Ross, SVP international at Barracuda Networks, argued that the uptick in threats this year could result from attackers trying to target remote working civil servants via cloud infrastructure.

“All it takes is for one well-placed email to be mis-clicked before an entire organization is facing a severe breach of customer or company information,

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