Cyber Security Incident Pushes Ubisoft to Issue Internal Password Reset

It is unclear what type of “Cyber Security Incident” Ubisoft suffered but on Telegram LAPSUS$ hacking group responded to the news with smirking face emoji suggesting their alleged involvement.

The France-based video gaming giant, Ubisoft, initiated a mass password reset, which indicates the company suffered a cyberattack and was concerned about company credentials being compromised.

Ubisoft has suffered a cybersecurity incident that forced the company to reset company employee passwords. In a statement issued by Ubisoft, the company confirmed that it detected a ‘cyber security incident’ last week that caused temporary disruption to several of its systems, services, and games.

The company further noted that its IT team had collaborated with “leading external experts” to examine the extent of damage and attack source. A company-wide password reset was initiated only as a precautionary measure, Ubisoft asserted.

All Services Functioning Normally

Ubisoft further confirmed that all the games and services were functioning normally, and there was no indication that personal information was accessed or exposed during the incident.

The company, known for games like Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, and had around 117 million active players as of October 2021, confirmed the incident after several users reported difficulties in accessing Ubisoft

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