Cyberattack against UK Ministry of Defence training academy revealed

A retired military officer has disclosed a cyberattack that struck the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) academy and had a “significant” impact on the organization. 

Air Marshal Edward Stringer, an officer in charge at the time, told Sky News that the cyberattack was discovered in March 2021. 

According to the retired officer, “unusual activity” was detected by IT outsourcer Serco but originally it was thought that this may have been due to some form of IT error rather than something malicious.

The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom was the target. The organization is responsible for teaching and training thousands of military personnel, MoD employees, wider government figures, and overseas students. Courses on offer relate to topics including security, strategy, languages, and information warfare. 

While full attribution is not available as to whom was responsible, the publication reports that China or Russia was “possibly” involved. 

Iran and North Korea were also floated as potential sources of the cyberattack. 

“It could be any of those or it could just be someone trying to find a vulnerability for a ransomware attack that was just, you know, a genuine criminal organization,” Stringer said. 

As academy staff worked to keep courses running, management

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