Cyberattacks on Businesses Hit an All-time High of 925 per Week, New Report Shows

Less than a month after we witnessed the discovery of one of the internet’s most critical flaws, with millions of cyberattacks every hour trying to abuse the Log4J vulnerability, 2021 has been a record-breaking year when it comes to cybersecurity: 925 attacks a week per company, all over the world.


According to a Check Point Research (CPR) report published on Monday, overall in 2021, there have been 50% more attacks per week on corporate networks compared to the previous year. The same report shows that Log4Shell attacks are a significant contributor to the growth.

Proof-of-concept exploits for a significant zero-day vulnerability discovered in the widely used Apache Log4j Java-based logging library were distributed online, exposing both home users and businesses to continuing remote code execution assaults.

The vulnerability, officially tagged as CVE-2021-44228 and called Log4Shell or LogJam, is an unauthenticated RCE vulnerability that allows total system takeover on systems running Log4j 2.0-beta9 through 2.14.1.


What Sectors Have Been Impacted?

Security experts at Check Point stated that the education/research sector saw the most attacks in 2021, with an average of 1,605 cyberattacks per institution every week, a 75% increase from 2020.

The second most targeted was the government/military sector, which had

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