Cybercrime: Dark web carding forum users are getting worried after a string of shutdowns

Cybercriminals are getting spooked by the sudden disappearance of a number of prominent dark web marketplaces, leading some to wonder if time is up on their illegal, underground activities.

Cybersecurity researchers at Digital Shadows have analysed activity on carding forums – dark web marketplaces where criminals buy and sell stolen credit card information and other personal data – and discovered that clients are despondent, following a series seizures and forums going dark.

This comes at a time when some ransomware affiliates have been getting worried after action targeting REvil and other ransomware groups.

On January 2022, a message appeared on a prominent carding forum stating that the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry had shut down the site as part of a “special law enforcement operation”. In a joint cooperation with US agencies, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) identified alleged members of hacking group “The Infraud Organization,” including someone who served as administrator for the forum.

A few days later, it was announced that six more suspects had been arrested on charges linked to selling stolen credit card information, and the same seizure notice appeared on more carding forums.

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