Cybercriminals flog access to international shipping, logistics giants

Cybercriminals are offering initial access for networks belonging to key players in global supply chains, researchers warn.

On Tuesday, Intel 471 published an analysis of current black market trends online, revealing instances of initial access brokers (IABs) offering access to international shipping and logistics companies across the ground, air, and sea. 

Global supply chains have faced serious upheaval since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The problems go beyond chip shortages — lockdowns and closures have caused backlogs worldwide, and as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, demand for everything from food to electronics remains high. 

This may be why organizations that provide the backbone of cargo transport and good deliveries have captured the interest of cybercriminals including ransomware operators. 

Access is normally obtained through vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), virtual private networks (VPN), Citrix, SonicWall, misconfigurations, and brute-force attacks, as well as credential theft. 

While already in a volatile and precarious position — especially as we head into winter — “a cybersecurity crisis at one of these logistics and shipping companies could have a calamitous impact on the global consumer economy,” according to the researchers.

With this in mind, Intel 471 examined Dark Web listings over the past few

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