Cybercriminals Sell Stolen Financial Details on Telegram

Cybercriminals take advantage of the popular instant messaging service dubbed Telegram for underground channels setup purposes. Their goal is to put for sale details of financial stolen data as pseudonym users become the buyers.

Why Telegram Is Easily Abused by Hackers?

According to BleepingComputer, one reason worth mentioning why threat actors manage easily to abuse this platform is due to the reason that Telegram censors only content that is extremist, adopting a loose moderation method.

Another reason would represent the fact that hackers find it much more simple to create a Telegram channel for their selling purposes, instead of building a new dark website. Besides, they can easily attract buyers and promote their activities on this channel.

A third reason points to the fact that compared to dark web markets, Telegram channels are characterized by a much short-lived and volatile nature, this means that threat actors have an advantage as they cannot be so easily tracked plus the association of this channels’ online personas with real identities.

Selling Data on Telegram: A Continous Matter

This topic was addressed by researchers from Cybersixgill in a report they published. During the year that just passed, the experts gathered data that made them

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