Cybercriminals Target Companies with Outdated Cybersecurity Procedures

Research conducted by Cymulate, a cybersecurity intelligence platform, found that 39 % of businesses were victims of cybercrime during the course of the preceding year; of those, two-thirds were victimized more than once. One in ten of the people who were struck more than once became prey to further cyberattacks of 10 or more instances

It wasn’t one and done – in fact, if you were hit, you had much more chance of being hit a second time or multiple times.  It’s not like you get hit once and people learned lessons – it really was a situation that your likelihood of being hit again was larger.


Key Takeaways

As ZDNet reports, malware attacks were identified as the kind of cybercrime that affected a majority of the businesses questioned (55%), followed by ransomware attacks as the second most prevalent type (40 %). Attacks using the distributed denial-of-service protocol (DDoS) and crypto-jacking were also among the most popular types of cybercrime.

Phishing emails directed at end users are the most common way that victims of cybercrime are attacked (56%). These emails try to trick users into clicking on malicious links that install malware on their computers or direct them

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