Cybersecurity, Big Data & Automation Tools: What Marketers Need To Know

The cybersecurity threats that organizations face today are primarily associated with brand damage, trust issues, and significant financial losses. That’s only natural since every potential privacy concern, data breach, or security-related risk will likely take its toll on a business. 

In a world where cloud marketing solutions and technology are the new normal, there’s no easy way to eliminate the possibility of data breaches or protect data entirely. In fact, companies need to play the long game when trying to achieve this goal.

But when a data breach occurs, the company’s response matters just as much as the systems created to regularly assess its vulnerabilities. In other words, every security incident such as unauthorized access, security manipulation, fraud, or data loss requires not only an action plan but also constantly evolving frameworks and exceptional network architecture.

Marketing Automation & Data Privacy 

Today, it’s impossible to think of a business that’s not security-sensitive. Now more than ever, companies rely on technology and data to remain competitive, scale their campaigns, and yield good results.

The same is true of companies offering marketing automation solutions. Since cybersecurity is essential to their success and growth, they can’t afford to underestimate the importance of ensuring

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