Cybersecurity education company touts 3 to 6 month program for unemployed veterans

Cybersecurity education company Cybint is doing its part to address veteran unemployment — which stands at 11% right now — and the cybersecurity talent shortage through a new 3 to 6 month program that trains novices in all things security. 

Texas has more than 42,000 open cybersecurity positions, one of the highest rates in the country. Cybint is partnering with universities and colleges like Houston Baptist University to offer the Cybint cybersecurity bootcamp to military and veteran students

Roy Zur, Cybint’s CEO, told ZDNet he was inspired to start the program by his time in the Israeli military, where he was part of a cybersecurity unit that re-skilled 18-year-old cadets who recently joined the army. Within six months, they were able to train people with no cybersecurity knowledge in a variety of security topics, and Zur eventually brought the method to the US after 10 years in the army. 

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“I wanted to bring this concept of re-skilling people, those that are very early in their career or are career shifters. Veterans are a big part of this population in the US, and after they finish their career in the military, we want to allow them to

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