Cybersecurity is tough work, so beware of burnout

ZDNet -

Working in cybersecurity can be challenging, but it’s important for information security professionals to maintain a healthy work/life balance – otherwise they risk burnout.

All parts of the technology industry have their own pressures, but the demand on security staff has certainly increased recently. Businesses of all sizes need a cybersecurity team to help keep users secure and the organisation safe from phishingmalwareransomware, and other cyber threats. Defending the network against data breaches and cyber criminals was already tricky, but things have only got tougher in the past 18 months as many cybersecurity teams have needed to adapt to the rise of remote working, which has made keeping users safe from online threats even more difficult

On top of that, many cybersecurity staff are doing this activity while working from home themselves, an environment that can make it difficult to separate working life from home life. It’s become common for people to work extra hours

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