Cybersecurity: Many managers just don't want to understand the risks

Senior managers are putting businesses at risk of cyberattacks and data breaches because they don’t understand cybersecurity issues and, in some cases, don’t even want to learn about the dangers.

According to research by cybersecurity company Trend Micro, just half of IT decision makers believe that the board understands cyber risks. Of the 5,321 IT leaders surveyed, 90% said that the C-suite aren’t focused on cybersecurity because they have other priorities, such as digital transformation or improving productivity. As a result, they see cybersecurity as a barrier to reaching their preferred goals. 

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However, there’s also a significant minority of board members who actively aren’t trying to learn about cybersecurity. According to the research, 26% don’t try hard enough to learn about cyber risks, while 20% just don’t want to understand the cyber risks their organisation is facing. 

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This lack of understanding is causing tension between information security teams and the boardroom, to such an extent that 82% of IT decision makers say they have felt pressured to downplay the severity of cyber risks to their board.  

Nearly a third of these individuals say this is a constant

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