Cybersecurity: Why this beautiful city of spires could be the next tech innovation hub

Some 4,000 ICT graduates are thought to enter the Czech Republic’s tech industry each year.

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Each year, around 4,000 ICT graduates in the Czech Republic enter its tech and IT industry. According to some estimates, the IT sector in the country employs more than 300,00 people, with the demand for talent growing every day. 

The mix of startups, well-established tech firms and global companies opening offices or branches in Prague makes the Czech capital a popular destination for the country’s tech workforce.

Software developers themselves say they are mostly motivated by the opportunity to learn and to work on interesting projects, as well as the quality of life that Prague offers.

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Thirty-seven-year-old SQM developer Martin Bohm has been living in Prague for 10 years, moving from neighboring Slovakia. For him, working in the Czech capital is the highlight of his career so far.

“Opportunities in Prague are huge, skilled IT workers are needed and this is also visible on many job offer portals. This place has its spirit, cultural and historical; the difference with western EU countries is visible, but

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