Dark web carding platform UniCC shuts up shop after making millions

One of the largest carding platforms in the Dark Web, UniCC, has announced its “retirement” from the criminal industry. 

UniCC has been active since 2013. The platform specialized in what is known as ‘carding’: credit card fraud and the sale of stolen details which can then be used to make unauthorized transactions, to clone cards, and to potentially facilitate identity theft. 

The retirement notice was posted in both Russian and English on a number of dark web forums. 

“Our team retires,” the post read. “Thanks to everyone who has been part of us for years. To loyal partners, clients, and colleagues who assisted us in many ways, I would separately thank each one but it is not professional. If I or some of our team members failed your expectations – we [are] truly sorry.”

The operators then gave the apparent reasons for UniCC’s closure: the age and health of its team. 

“Don’t build any conspiracy theories about us leaving. It is weighted decision, we are not young and our health do not allow to work like this any longer.”

The UniCC team then warned users that they have 10 days to wrap up their business and clear their accounts before the

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