DDoS Attacks Have Grown Stronger in 2021

DDoS attacks are used to prevent normal users from accessing an online location. In this case, a cybercriminal can prevent legitimate users from accessing a website by targeting its network resources and flooding the website with a huge number of information requests.

The Year of DDoS Attacks

According to the information released by Cloudfare, 2021 was the year when the majority of these assaults occurred, with a 29 percent year-over-year rise and a 175 percent quarter-over-quarter increase.

Extortion or ransom DDoS (RDDoS) assaults emerged as a new threat in August 2020 and have grown in size and complexity since then.

As reported by BleepingComputer, the attacks began at roughly 200Gbps and increased to more than 500Gbps by mid-September.

Application-layer DDoS assaults, particularly HTTP DDoS attacks, appear to have targeted industrial enterprises, with a 641 percent increase compared to the third quarter of 2021.

According to the IP addresses, the majority of these DDoS assaults originate in China, the United States, Brazil, and India, and are perpetrated by botnets such as Meris, which made headlines this year with a record-breaking attack of 21.8 million requests against Russian internet giant Yandex.

Unlike an application-layer DDoS assault, which prevents consumers from accessing a

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