DDoS Attacks Shatter Records in Q3, Report Finds  

Q3 DDoS attacks topped thousands daily, with more growth expected.

The third quarter saw the sheer volume of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks surge to several thousand hits per day, signaling a re-distribution of tactics by malicious actors away from cryptomining and toward the use of DDoS as a tool of intimidation, disinformation and straight-up extortion.

The latest DDoS report for Q3 from Kaspersky details a record-breaking frenzy of recent activity by threat actors.

“July started off relatively quietly, but towards the middle of the month the average daily count of DDoS attacks exceeded 1,000, with a whopping 8,825 attacks on August 18,” the report said. “For two more days, August 21 and 22, the daily count of five thousand was exceeded and over three thousand attacks were detected on August 2 and 6, September 16, 18, 19 and 22.”

And while the volume of DDoS attacks spiked, their duration declined, the researchers found.

“This may be due to the decreasing number of attacks lasting 50 hours or more and a rise in relatively short attacks,” the report added.

Middleboxes and Unavailable Ports

The third quarter also ushered in two new DDoS attack vectors, the analysts

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