Developer at the Ethereum Admits Guilt in Helping North Korea with Advice on How to Avoid U.S. Sanctions

In 2019, Virgil Griffith, a cryptocurrency expert from the United States, attended a blockchain convention in North Korea, where he gave guidance on how to dodge U.S. penalties and launder illegal funds.

Yesterday, the 38 years old man has pleaded guilty to colluding to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which forbids American citizens to exports merchandise, services, or technology to the communist country.

The U.S. State Department Rejected His Request to Attend the Conference

FBI arrested the former research scientist and developer for Ethereum Foundation in November 2019 in Los Angeles after attending the “Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” conference.

Even if the U.S. State Department has turned down his request to attend the convention, the researcher decided to make an appearance anyway.

As seen in court papers, in order to hide the physical proof of his travel, the crypto expert preferred to receive his travel visa on a separate paper instead of on his U.S. passport. He traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea through China.

What Did He Say in North Korea?

Not only that he told them how to avoid U.S. sanctions and how to convert illicit funds from illegal activities into “clean” money, but

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