DHS warns critical infrastructure orgs, local governments of potential for Russian cyberattack

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent out a bulletin on Sunday to critical infrastructure operators and local governments warning of the potential for cyberattacks launched by the Russian government in response to any US involvement in a potential war in Ukraine. 

First reported by CNN, the notice said Russia “maintains a range of offensive cyber tools that it could employ against US networks –from low-level denials-of-service to destructive attacks targeting critical infrastructure.” DHS made sure to note that a Russian attack on critical infrastructure is not likely because their “threshold for conducting disruptive or destructive cyber attacks in the Homeland probably remains very high.”

“We assess that Russia would consider initiating a cyber attack against the Homeland if it perceived a US or NATO response to a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine threatened its long-term national security,” the bulletin said, according to ABC News.

DHS added that it has not seen Russia launch cyberattacks against US critical infrastructure, “notwithstanding cyber espionage and potential prepositioning operations in the past.”

DHS sent the memo to state governments, local governments and operators of critical infrastructure. A DHS spokesperson would not discuss the memo specifically but told ZDNet they regularly share information “with federal, state, local, tribal,

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