#DTX2021: A Beginner's Guide to Chaos

#DTX2021: A Beginner's Guide to Chaos

What is chaos engineering is and how to get started? What are the different types of tests and how does it compare to other options? These were questions that Holly Grace Williams, founder of Akimbo Core, aimed to tackle during a technical session at the Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2021.

The 'A Chaos Podcast Presents: A Beginner's Guide to Chaos' session began by highlighting Facebook's recent global outage, which lasted almost six hours. "Facebook runs 'storm' drills to ready itself to cope with outages," Williams affirmed, and this is a form of chaos engineering. 

"But what is chaos engineering?" Williams questioned. Simply, chaos engineering is the concept that "we experiment on production systems in order to build confidence in how those systems will perform under duress." 

Yet, there is a lot of "incorrect" ideas circulating regarding what chaos engineering is and the experiments involved. "Chaos engineers are not breaking things in production to prove production systems can handle it," she emphasized. For Williams, chaos engineers are not bringing the chaos; "the chaos is the production system." 

Examples of chaos engineering include "taking something down" — what happens when you cause a failure on

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