#DTX2021: How to Keep Pace with the Rising Threat Landscape

#DTX2021: How to Keep Pace with the Rising Threat Landscape

Strategies organizations should take to keep up with the evolution of cyber-attackers was the topic of a panel discussion during Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2021.

Moderating the session, Lisa Short, director & co-founder, Hephaestus Collective & P&L Digital Edge, observed how the digital world has become more “pervasive” during the past 18 months, with organizations undergoing significant digital transformations. She then posed the question: how should industry professionals be reacting to this change?

Matt Howells, head of cyber defense, Hargreaves Lansdown, said that threat actors are broadly using the same methods they did pre-pandemic, such as ransomware, but the velocity of attacks has ramped up. He also noted that cyber-criminals are becoming more collaborative, such as utilizing ‘as-a-service’ approaches. As such, “it’s physically impossible to stay ahead of our adversaries – there are 10s of thousands of them out there across the globe.”

Amid this environment, Jack Chapman, vice president, threat intelligence at Egress, said it is vital that security teams utilize the new technologies they have adopted since COVID-19 and combine those with the human and process layers. “It’s a case of re-evaluating what the threats our organization

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