E-Commerce Fraud Up 178% Ahead of Holiday Shopping

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E-Commerce Fraud Up 178% Ahead of Holiday Shopping

The number of malicious shopping-related websites increased 178% ahead of the 2021 holiday shopping season, according to Check Point Research. See how to recognize and prevent e-commerce fraud.

A Spike in E-Commerce Fraud Websites

Beginning in October, Check Point Research observed an average of 5,300 malicious e-commerce fraud websites emerge each week. That marks a rise of 178% compared to the average for the rest of the year.

The impact of those websites also began to pick up in that period. Earlier in the year, the sites affected one of 352 corporate networks. That impact rose to one in 47 in October. At the beginning of November, it was one in 38.

Those websites involved various types of malicious activity. In one attack campaign, for instance, Check Point Research witnessed malicious actors send out emails advertising “Cheap HandBags” and “Up to 80% OFF Michael Kors HandBags”. Those e-commerce fraud emails contained a link to similar websites hosted on or around Oct. 19.

Another attack campaign sent out a fake “Urgent notice” from an online retailer. The email informed the recipient that

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