EmoCheck Tool 2.2 Supports and Detects New 64-bit Variants of Emotet Malware

JPCERT/CC, Japan’s first CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), has released a new version of their open-source tool EmoCheck to identify new 64-bit variants of the Emotet malware, which started infecting users earlier this month.

Emotet belongs to the malware strain known as banking Trojans. It primarily spreads through malspam, which are spam emails that contain malware (hence the term). These messages often contain familiar branding, mimicking the email format of well-known and trusted companies such as PayPal or DHL to convince users.

Through this medium, the infection may be delivered in several ways:

Once a device has been compromised, Emotet will steal users’ emails in order to use them in potential reply-chain phishing attacks, as well as download additional malware payloads on the machine.

Because further malware infections frequently result in data theft and ransomware attacks, it’s critical to discover the Emotet malware as soon as possible.

EmoCheck 2.2 Now Detects 64-bit Versions of Emotet Malware

In 2020, Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC) released a free system utility program called EmoCheck that enables users to check their computers for any signs of the Emotet malware. If one is found, the full path to the malware infection will be displayed

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