Enterprise Patch Management: What It Is and Why You Need It

Nowadays, enterprise patch management is a necessity for every company that wants to stay safe from cyberattacks, achieve compliance and focus only on the road ahead, without unpleasant interruptions.

What Is Enterprise Patch Management?

Enterprise patch management refers to the activity of getting, testing, and installing software patches for a network and the systems in it. Patch management includes applying patches both for security purposes and for improving the software programs used in the network and the systems within it.

In cybersecurity, a patch is a small software update released by manufacturers to fix or improve a software program. A patch can fix security vulnerabilities or other bugs, or enhance the software in terms of features, usability, and performance.

How an Effective Patch Management Program Benefits Your Organization?

As you can probably already tell, patch management is important due to a multitude of reasons: 

patches correct the security and functionality issues of software and firmware.  patches mitigate software flaw vulnerabilities, significantly reducing exploitation opportunities.  patches can add new features to software and firmware. patch management is required by various security compliance regulations.  Dealing with Challenges

Although enterprise patch management is essential for every company, many still have difficulties when it

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