“Ethical Hacker” Stole Half a Million in Crypto Form Elderly Person

The victim had hired the “ethical hacker” Aaron Daniel Motta to install a security system in their residence.

An IT expert and certified ethical hacker, Aaron Daniel Motta, has been arrested by police in Pinellas Park, Florida, for stealing cryptocurrency. According to Clearwater police, the 27-year-old Aaron Motta has been arrested for stealing cryptocurrency worth approximately $600,000 from an elderly client’s Trezor hardware wallet.

Reportedly, the hacker stole the funds after attaining the password while providing security services and transferred the funds into different wallets he owned. The victim’s name is undisclosed, but according to the affidavit filed by authorities, he is above 65.

Aaron Daniel Motta, 27 (Mugshot courtesy: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)

The ethical hacker has been charged with a felony for grand theft and several other computer offenses. Motta was detained at Pinellas County Jail on April 8 and was released on Saturday morning after paying $60,000 bail.

About the Ethical Hacker

Aaron Daniel Motta is self-employed and owns Motta Management & Mitigation Services. He’s also an active participant in Apple’s bug bounty program. Motta is listed as an IT manager, ex-cybersecurity engineer, and an ethical hacker on his Facebook page. His LinkedIn profile states that he is a

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