Everyone is burned out. That's becoming a security nightmare

Cybersecurity workers and other employees are suffering from a high level of burnout that is putting organisations at greater risks from cyberattacks and data breaches.

Research by cybersecurity company 1Password suggests that the challenge of remote working two years into the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving staff feeling burned out and less likely to pay attention to security guidelines.

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According to the survey, burned-out employees are more apathetic about workplace cybersecurity measures and are three times more likely to ignore suggested best practices.

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Risky behaviours include downloading software and apps without IT’s express permission, and thus increasing the amount of shadow IT on networks that’s difficult for the IT department to properly manage. There’s also the risk that these employees could download fake or malicious versions of apps, which could potentially deliver malware and other threats from hackers.

The paper also warns that burned-out employees are much more likely to use easy-to-guess passwords to secure their corporate accounts. The use of weak passwords makes it much easier for cyber criminals to breach accounts and use that access to snoop around the network, steal information and lay down the foundation for wider

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