Experts tout $2 billion in cybersecurity funding in Biden's infrastructure bill

Congress passed a bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Friday that included about $2 billion in cybersecurity funding. The bill — now heading to President Joe Biden’s desk — includes $1 billion in state, local, tribal and territorial cyberdefense grants, $100 million for the Department of Homeland Security, and $21 million for National Cyber Director Chris Inglis. 

The four-year, $1 billion grant fund is something state and local governments have been waiting for to help tackle their growing cybersecurity to-do list. To receive a portion of the millions of dollars in grant funding each year, states have to match a specified percentage of the federal dollars. The percentage starts at 10% and grows to 40% over the next four years. The idea is that states will get used to accounting for cyber funding in their budgets as a result.

The Washington Post noted that for the cybersecurity grant program, 1% will go to each state and 0.25% will go to all four US territories. Another 3% will go to tribal governments. The rest of the funding will be split between states based on their population size and specifically their rural population numbers. States are required to devote at least 25% of the funding

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