Explore Python for MITRE ATT&CK email collection and clipboard data

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The MITRE ATT&CK framework breaks the lifecycle of a cyberattack in a set of objectives (or tactics) that the attacker may need to accomplish to reach their final goal. For each of these tactics, MITRE ATT&CK describes a number of techniques by which they could be accomplished.

Most companies have a great deal of valuable data lying around their networks, including customer data, intellectual property and more. The collection tactic in the MITRE ATT&CK framework is focused on the various locations where this data resides and the methods by which an attacker could gain access to it.

Introduction to clipboard data

Everyone is familiar with the clipboard on a computer. The ability to copy-paste data from one location to another saves tediously retyping it and minimizing the probability of an expensive typo.

Clipboard data

When searching for valuable information on a target system, an attacker may be overwhelmed by choices. Most organizations have vast amounts of data, and it can be difficult to weed through it all to find valuable nuggets. Doing so efficiently requires developing a system for effectively identifying data of value.

One option is to look at the data that the user of the system is

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