Facebook Messenger Scam Duped Millions

One well crafted phishing message sent via Facebook Messenger ensnared 10 million Facebook users and counting.

For months now, millions of Facebook users have been duped by the same phishing scam that cons users into handing over their account credentials.

According to a report outlining the phishing campaign, the scam is still active and continues to push victims to a fake Facebook login page where victims are enticed to submit their Facebook credentials. Unconfirmed estimates suggest nearly 10 million users fell prey to the scam, earning a single perpetrator behind the phishing ploy a huge payday.

According to a report published by researchers at PIXM Security, the phishing campaign began last year and ramped up in September. Researchers believe millions of Facebook users were exposed each month by the scam. Researchers assert that the campaign remains active.

Facebook has not replied to requests for comment for this report.

PIXM asserts the campaign is tied to a single person located in Colombia. The reason PIXM believes the massive Facebook scam is tied to a single individual is because each message links back to code “signed” with a reference to a personal website. Researchers state the

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