False Government Websites Steal Private Financial Data, FBI warns

A warning comes from the FBI announcing that cybercriminals use new methods to collect financial data and personal information, making use of false websites posing as government platforms. Their goal is to make the victims provide sensitive data, propagate malware, and moreover, they also demand unemployment benefits on the users’ behalf.

The False Government Websites: Detailing the Issue

The Federal Bureau of Investigation published on the 15th of October on the website of Internet Crime Complaint Center an announcement where the issue was detailed:

According to them, the resemblance of malicious websites with real government platforms is very much alike, so one would not notice the difference. The victims are convinced to share personal data and financial info.

These spoofed websites imitate the appearance of and can be easily mistaken for legitimate websites offering unemployment benefits. The fake websites prompt victims to enter sensitive personal and financial information. Cyber actors use this information to redirect unemployment benefits, harvest user credentials, collect personally identifiable information, and infect victim’s devices with malware. In addition to a loss of benefits, victims of this activity can suffer a range of additional consequences, including ransomware infection and identity theft.


How Many Domains Were Identified?

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