False Omicron Stat Counter App Embedded with New RedLine Malware Version

A false COVID-19 Omicron stat counter app is being leveraged as a lure in a current malicious campaign to distribute a new Redline malware version through emails.

What Is RedlLine Malware?

According to Bleeping Computer, RedLine is a well-known malware sold to threat actors in exchange for hundreds of dollars, being a provider of stolen user credentials for the dark web. Threat actors behind RedLine use various distribution techniques and are permanently developing the malware.

The data RedLine info-stealer usually targets details of credit cards, cookies, crypto wallet data, browser user credentials, IM content, VPN passwords, system data along FTP credentials.

What’s New in the Recent Version of RedLine Malware?

Researchers from Fortinet have recently published a report detailing a new variant of the RedLine malware encompassed in an executable dubbed  “Omicron Stats.exe”.

The experts mentioned that

While we have not been able to identify the infection vector for this particular variant, we believe that it is being distributed via email. Past RedLine Stealer variants are known to have been distributed in COVID-themed emails to lure victims. The file name of this current variant, “Omicron Stats.exe,” was used just as the Omicron variant was becoming a global concern, following

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