FBI cybercrime seizure takes down one-time Ukraine IT Army collaborator

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Jun 8, 2022 | CYBERSCOOP

On May 31, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it had seized a trio of domains as part of an international cybercrime law enforcement action.

The domains — ovh-booter[.]com, weleakinfo[.]to and ipstress[.]in — enabled “two distressingly common threats,” U.S. Attorney of the District of Columbia Matthew Graves said in a statement. “Websites trafficking in stolen personal information and sites which attack and disrupt legitimate internet businesses.”

It didn’t take long for some to notice that one of the domains, IPStress, was until recently affiliated with Ukraine’s IT Army, the Ukrainian government-sanctioned but volunteer-run effort that encourages ongoing cyber attacks against a multitude of Russian targets as part of Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself against Russian military assault.

A link to the service’s website and Telegram account was active on the IT Army’s English-language site as of Tuesday but was taken down after CyberScoop inquired about the connection. Visitors to the domain are greeted with a warning that it’s been seized. Previously the site boasted “the best ip booter stresser” that “can down any game server” and was able to bypass “every protection such as cloudflare with our blazingfast methods.

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