Fending off ransomware attacks using AI-powered tools

Zero trust-type security, which no self-respecting security software provider doesn’t now provide, is a good leap forward in the never-ending battle against the bad hacker actors of the world. But it’s turning out not to be the complete answer to storing corporate data securely for an enterprise and its users.

Zero trust enables enterprises to restrict access controls to networks, applications, and environments without sacrificing performance and causing user ire. A zero-trust approach trusts no one, no matter how high on a security clearance ladder he or she may be. Multiple entry codes will always be needed. But ZT still needs assistance in order to provide the 24/7 security and airtight access processes required by many enterprises, and AI is providing that help.

This is where next-gen data protection providers such as Fortinet, Dell Technologies, Forcepoint, and Cohesity come into the picture, because they all bring multiple weapons to this problem. Many of those tools use AI to identify intruders and stop exploits faster than had been available previously.

Cohesity is the latest to produce new capabilities augmenting ZT and aimed squarely at solving the rampant ransomware problem that so many organizations – both for-profit and nonprofit – have suffered in the last

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