Five Questions with Corey Kirkendoll, CompTIA’s Community Leadership Award Winner

Corey Kirkendoll isn’t one to sit on the bench, he’d rather be in the game. The CEO of 5K Technical Services, a Plano, Texas-based MSP, is always willing to pitch in, and that drive is only one of the factors that led to his selection to serve as the chair of the Managed Services Committee. Kirkendoll is a passionate and committed leader who has helped support initiatives of many CompTIA communities including the Managed Services Community, Cybersecurity Community, the Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community and the CompTIA ISAO.

Kirkendoll recently spoke with CompTIA to tell his story, including what’s important to him and the role diversity can play in helping to advance your business. Here’s a look at what he had to say:

Why is Advancing Diversity in Technology important to you?

“I think that a lot of companies, because of the lack of diversity, are missing out on some great opportunities. Whether that’s market opportunities or just finding great employees, I believe that there’s some untapped talent in places that you normally don’t go search for. I think it’s critical for us to go and seek out that talent in those places. Whether that’s HBCUs, whether that’s other

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