For a limited time, new users can get a lifetime of VPNSecure Online Privacy for just $40

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It’s amazing how much affordable self-paced training is available online these days. For instance, even if you have no experience whatsoever, you can learn to be a Python programmer in no time and their average salaries are over $80,000 a year. But you could also become an ethical hacker, learn to be a game developer or so many other choices.

However, just like when you are doing anything else online, you need to be extremely careful about protecting yourself when accessing educational content. And now, new users need never worry about that again, because a VPNSecure Online Privacy: Lifetime Subscription is currently available for only $39.99 during our pre-Black Friday sale.

Obviously, your traffic will be encrypted so that hackers aren’t able to get access to your data. VPNSecure renders your traffic on the service unrecognizable with Stealth VPN. You also have full stack IP support (IPv4 + IPv6) and kill switches that will automatically disconnect you from the internet if your VPN connection is dropped. Your IP address and location will be hidden and VPNSecure has a strict policy of absolutely no logging.

Since you have access to servers in more than 45

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