From Promise to Profit: How MSPs Can Make Money in AI and IoT

Artificial intelligence and internet of things are among the biggest opportunities in IT today. As demand—and customer inquiries—ramp up, managed service providers should start to know how to answer questions and deliver solutions that incorporate these technologies. But many are wondering how to apply these technologies to be more competitive.

In CompTIA’s YouTube series From Promise to Profit, Khali Henderson and Greg Plum from CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community explore popular use cases for AI and IoT with guest experts, providing guidance for how to implement them into an MSP business model. Here’s a closer look at the series:

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There is constant discussion regarding the use of AI to help empower businesses in an omnichannel world. While it sounds like a panacea for company woes, there is more to consider before implementing AI and chatbot technology.

Mady Mantha, head of product marketing with Rasa, talks about when chatbots work best and what to look out for if you plan to implement them at your business. Chatbots have great applications, such as automation of rote tasks, assisting in search and creating an omnichannel customer experience, but she cautions that they aren’t a solution for all that ails you. She

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