FSB Arrested 8 Individuals Believed to Be Part Of the REvil Ransomware Group

Russian police have arrested eight individuals believed to have connections to the REvil ransomware gang, and they are now facing criminal charges for their illicit activities.

How Did the REvil Ransomware Gang Members Get Caught?

Last week, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Russia’s principal security agency and the main successor agency to the Soviet Union’s KGB, has announced raids at the residences of 14 people suspected of having ties to the well-known REvil ransomware organization.

According to BleepingComputer, the intervention was carried out in collaboration with the Russian Interior Ministry after US officials reported on the group’s leader and requested that cybercriminals based in Russia be brought to justice.

The suspects’ identities were disclosed last week when the Tverskoi Court in Moscow used the documents of their arrest to identify eight of them. The arrested individual’s names are:

Muromsky Roman Bessonov Andrey Golovachuk Mikhail A. Zayets Artem N. Khansvyarov Ruslan A. Korotayev Dmitry V. Puzyrevsky D.D. Malozemov Alexei V.

As a precaution, the suspects have been detained for two months, and they are all being investigated for illegally circulating payment methods.

According to Yelisey Boguslavskiy, head of research at AdvIntel, the arrested persons were probably

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