Generating Text Using ML

Most of us have that one TV show that we want to see just one more episode of. Just one more reunion or reboot or movie to finish off a storyline that wasn’t finished. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes we didn’t realize how many leaves on the wind it would cost. 

But what if it was possible to create new episodes ourselves based on what was already out there? No, this did not suddenly turn into a fanscript site believe me. What we are talking about is giving an AI encyclopedic levels of knowledge about a particular topic, then asking it to generate new text in those styles.

Still not a fanscript site.

Neural Networks excel at processing enormous amounts of data and locating patterns within them. So when we have a large amount of known good source information such as spending habits at stores, driving patterns for Los Angeles, or 30+ seasons of a particularly popular television show, it is possible to try to ask the right questions of a piece of software and then see what it can come up with to produce something new based on what it found. What we’re going to go over today is

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